SureView® Analytics

SureView® Analytics is a federated search and analytics enterprise application that speeds the detection and response to cyber threats, fraud, criminal activity and counterterrorism. The solution enables organizations to easily leverage vast amounts of data to quickly reduce fraudulent and criminal activities impacting public safety or enterprise operations. SureView Analytics rapidly accesses information located across multiple sources without moving or copying the data from its original source. The data is returned as easily digestible relevant results in seconds. SureView Analytics provides a sophisticated analytical environment that allows for comprehensive data visualization, investigative analysis and cross-functional team collaboration. The solution is an enterprise application with a low total cost of ownership that increases the productivity and timeliness of intelligence with minimal impact to the existing IT infrastructure.


SureView Analytics has a search capability that speeds and enhances an investigative unit’s data collection and collation process by ensuring examiners have instant access to all data necessary to develop a centralized picture of suspicious individuals and activities. An easy to use Web front end with strong security protocols is accessible across the enterprise. A single search captures key information across multiple data sources simultaneously and securely, reducing the massive amount of time investigators spend on research and collation of data. SureView Analytics uses federated searching technology to search the data at the source with no need to copy or move it from its original location


SureView Analytics is an optimal analytical and investigative environment with an extensive set of tools that support the timely development of meaningful intelligence. The system’s analytical workflow is designed to quickly expose patterns, trends and anomalies in data. SureView Analytics is an advanced analytical application that presents diverse information as analytical visualizations in order to facilitate the understanding of large amounts of complex data. The solution optimizes productivity with alerting functionality, an integrated intelligence database that supports information sharing, direct connections to multiple data sources and integrated de-confliction collaboration capabilities.

  • Federated searching of big data across multiple source types enables analytical teams to focus the majority of their time on analyzing instead of researching and collating vast amounts of information.
  • Integrated geospatial, link, temporal and statistical visualizations enhance the accuracy and timeliness of intelligence by presenting massive amounts of data as one easy to digest picture.
  • Selective information discovery of non-obvious relationships reduces data overload by allowing the analyst to find connections to a predefined data set by running tactical searches across multiple sources of information.
  • Faceted searching minimizes the quantity of working data by allowing the easy application of visual search filters.
  • Ease of deployment and minimal impact on existing IT infrastructure ensures a low total cost of ownership.