Case Study: Integration and Installation Services

High Performance Computing Integration Project

Project Overview

Coordinate all integration activities. Activities included the following:

  • DiscoverIT responsible for Temporary Storage located at the Hosting, responsible for the Temporary Colo Staging Space located at the Hosting Facility including the use of twelve 208v 30a circuits.
  • Integration of 11 racks of Sun S6000 blades composed of 80 nodes into a 48U APC Rack.
  • Integration of 5 Voltaire Switches and one HP GigE switch per rack.
  • Label all components with assist tags based upon specifications agreed to with end-customer.
  • Provide updates to Firmware, Bios, and other software per end-customer’s requirements. [/list_item]
  • Infiniband Specialist (IB) to setup IB fabric for each switch within the racks.
  • Burn-in of all components and perform checks of key internal components (memory, CPU, etc.)
  • Provide Project Management of all SOW activities. Project Manager will coordinate all SOW activities with customer and end-customer.


  • 11 Racks – 48U APC 7′
    • 33 European PDU’s
      • 44 Sun Blade 6000 Chassis
        • 176 Chassis Power Cords
          • 440 Sun Blade 6000’s
            • 880 IB Cards
              • 1300+ IB Cables
                • 7000+ Labels

                Time Line

                • 11/16: Initial Requirements Discussions Started
                • 12/1: Project Preplanning Activities
                • 12/10: Kickoff Meeting
                • 12/28: Integration Started
                • 12/29: Racks Ready for Shipment
                • 12/28: Racks Bolted Down
                • 12/30: Customer Demonstrated Use
                • 12/31: All Customer Objectives Met



                High Performance Computing Integration Project

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